What do I do now?

Youngest daughter has been taking Jazz dancing lessons this past year and is very excited about performing in her final show next month.

Yesterday, as we were leaving dance class, I was handed her recital costume.


Youngest daughter is eight. This costume is something I wouldn’t let a twenty one year old leave the house wearing. It’s short, backless and is held up by two tiny flesh covered bra straps across her shoulders. It’s got a low plunging neck line and is skin tight.


A few of the other mothers there also looked a little concerned when they picked up their daughter’s costumes. I don’t know them but I suppose at next week’s class I had better introduce myself and see what I can do about getting a group of us together for a protest.

I was thinking about changing the place where my youngest takes dance classes for next year anyway. I’m betting after next week the current place is gonna want me to change it as well.


7 thoughts on “What do I do now?

  1. Unfortunately, her days of cute little tutus are over -LOL – I bet it cost a fortune too! Welcome to the world of dance…
    Allie’s jazz teacher is sending a class full 14-15yr olds to the STAG SHOP for fishnet stockings… but don’t buy the kind with a panty ’cause they’ll show under your booty shorts!! The top of the costume is a pink sequined bra. Even though our girls are 15, the moms (and certainly the Dads) are not impressed. They grow up waaaaay too fast….


  2. I know what you mean. My youngest is in ballet, and fortunately I think those costumes tend to be the most modest. Some of the jazz and hip hop costumes at our studio also.. man o man….
    I don’t know about any other studio, but at ours the recital music and costumes are picked out probably by the end of September, mid-October at the latest. They make a cool scrapbook that has every class and every costume and music in it….
    My dilemma is volleyball and the SHORT, TIGHT, spandex shorts she came home with last night…(She’s 13)…ugh.


  3. I would say something!! Even of they can’t change anything, at least the teacher will know that you do not appreciate it. I bet if one mom says something then more will stand up and say something too! Good Luck!!


  4. I had that same shocker the first year my daughter took dance. I was thrilled the year they danced to the Flintstones and dressed in too-short one-shoulder cave dresses.


  5. Suggest a burka. I hear they offer fantastic coverage.
    Just kidding. This is a rough one. If it makes you feel any better, I am 33 and I wore some super slutty recital dresses back in the day.


  6. I definitely think you should protest or rally or something. These are LITTLE GIRLS, not women. I don’t understand why as a society in general we think we need to force our children to grow up much too quickly. As the mother of two daughters, I don’t want my girls to look “sexy”. All that will come much sooner than I am ready anyway.


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