Busy again.

I’ve gone and done it again.

I’ve signed up my kids for too many activities. I hate myself for this.

I have this great idea that my trio need to do two activities each. I want them each to do a physical activity and an artistic one. That would make six activities in total, more then enough for me to drive around to.

There is a little problem with this though. I also want my kids to learn to skate, to read music and to swim. I don’t want them to just swim passably however, I want them to know life saving skills too. I want them to know how to jump in and save someone should they fall into our pool and bang their head. Why? Probably because I figure the one most likely to do that would be me. I have a few problems with balancing while wearing flip-flops.

So I went and got my kids all registered in these things and then my trio went and brought up their own ideas about what they want to do. Since I feel like I should at least consider their wishes, lo and behold a few more things got crowded into our schedule.

Then two well meaning teachers came along and pointed out that my children have a talent for something and yep, I went and added something else to the schedule. Of course, there’s also homework and friend time to consider too.

I am over booked. Worse then that, I am not giving my kids enough time to just sit and chill.

Bad Mama.

Ah well, it’s not too late to say no. I just hope the cancellation fees don’t kill me.


8 thoughts on “Busy again.

  1. That just about sounds like us! Except with two kids and it’s the older one that has tons to do…
    Me? I write the checks and spend nearly every waking moment driving someone someplace. Thank goodsness for the school day!


  2. My son is just getting to be “activity” age. There are so many things I want him to be able to do, like martial arts and soccer, but it’s kinda hard to do such things without a car. The absence of cars seems to be a longrunning characteristic of my life.
    Will Marie EVER get a car? Stay tuned and find out!


  3. It has been so nice the last few months. We skipped basketball (okay I actually totally missed the sign-ups)and our piano teacher quit teaching (I am not looking really hard to find a new one either). I have loved just coming home from school and playing!! Not running from here to there and back.


  4. Just say no. None of it matters 10 years from now. Except swimming. And swimming lessons are a waste of time until they are willing to put their faces in the water. They are also a waste of time once they learn the very basics. After that, sign them all up for a swim team (yeah! all ages together!) and they’ll improve much faster than with expensive lessons.


  5. I agree, swimming is a must, it’s a life skill. It doesn’t need to be competitive though, that doesn’t teach them CPR and Rescue techniques.
    As for the rest… they don’t need to do everything… my daughter would have given her right leg for a horse and riding lessons – we told her choose: horses or dance, we couldn’t afford both (cash or time)… she’s still dancing 13 yrs later. Pick one activity you feel they MUST do and then let them pick one activity (**remember this equals 6 activities for you to drive to if hubby isn’t available to help!) and don’t forget the extra curriculars at school too! Good luck – and don’t forget to leave one evening open for potential GNOs!!


  6. I just don’t know how some parents keep up with it all! We’re secretly thrilled when our kids don’t want to get involved in anything.


  7. It’s a mixed bag, isn’t it? Kids enjoy being involved and busy, and moms want to encourage happy and involved and busy. Just be alert to your children’s cues, and when they’re done with something, let them be done.


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