Silly Mama

I went out to a party last night.

I had a good time. I also had a little too much to drink.

The problem when I drink is that I talk just a tad bit too much.

I should only be allowed to drink one of two ways. Either I should drink very little so that I remember when to keep my mouth shut, or I should drink so much that the next day I can’t remember what I said.

Last night I drank an in-between amount. The problem is today I remember what I said and I remember enough to know that while I didn’t say anything really really really stupid, I did talk a little too much about basically nothing.


I did have a very good time though. I wore a blue dress and danced like an idiot to ‘Devil in a Blue Dress’. I’m just hoping no one had a video camera.

Ah well. Life’s too short not to make a fool of oneself now and again. But I must say I AM getting a little too old for this stuff.

Oh. If I need to apologize to anyone who was there, please just pop me an e-mail and let me know, okay?


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