Wine Whine

I cleaned my fridge out today.

I did. I filled up my shiny new plastic food composter with yucky old food. It was sorta like a science experiment.

What can I say? I’ve been busy and things at TiredMama’s castle have fallen a bit behind.

This ‘behindness’ was brought to my attention again tonight when I got a lovely polite e-mail from my children’s school association asking me to fill out an expense report.  Yep, they owe me money and they want to give it to me. The really sad part is that the event that I have to file expenses for happened in February and it’s almost May.

I’m behind.

I was visiting a girlfriend today and I watched her clean out her pantry. She did a good job, it looked great when she was done. I should do that too.

You know what?

I don’t want to.

I don’t want to clean, fill out expense reports or do my tax return. I can’t seem to find the energy to rush around and try to catch up this evening. As my mother used to say, my ‘get up and go’ has got up and went.

Tonight I don’t care about clean clothes for my kids, how sticky the kitchen floor is or whether or not somebody needs something for school.

I’m just tired of being busy and responsible. I’ve being doing that, like forever and I’m still behind.

What do I want to do?

Um, that would be drink wine, eat chocolate and lie in my bed and read a book in my pajamas for about a week.

Who’s with me?

13 thoughts on “Wine Whine

  1. Where do I sign up?! The only chore I routinely keep-up on is the laundry and the kitchen floor – and only because I don’t like hubby waking me up to ask where his clean underwear is and I hate it when I step in maple syrup. Pass the wine!


  2. Oh, I’m with you! I’ll pass on the wine, but would like to subsitute ice cream. Maybe pizza, too. One thing though… we can’t do all this reading and lazing at home. We must rent hotel rooms! Otherwise, you know THEY will hunt you down. THEY meaning the family you love but need a break from occasionally. Maybe that’s just me, though.


  3. After I cleaned out the kitchen fridge in the lunchroom at work on Friday, I was inspired to tackle the old icebox at home… all I can say is eewwwww!!!
    There’s a couple of chaise loungers on the beach in Varadero with our names on them…. I can be packed and ready to go by six (I have to work until 5)…. I bet it wouldn’t take much to twist your arm….heehee


  4. I cleaned out the fridge in the lunch room at work on Friday… then I decided to tackle the disaster (eeewww!) at home… I think it would be easier to just throw the whole thing out and start anew…
    There’s a couple chaise loungers & tall cool fruity rum drinks on the Beach in Cuba with our names on them… I can be packed and ready to go by 6 (I have to work ’til 5!).. what ya say? Who’s with me!?


  5. I am with you! I only seem to get the inspiration to clean when I am mad or have been doing well with diet, exercise and getting sun; who does all that, not me.


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