Eldest daughter is getting on an airplane tomorrow morning and leaving me.

She was chosen to represent her school at an environmental conference in California. The conference is titled; ‘Changing your Latitude. Changing your Attitude.’ Cool, eh?

I am thrilled that she has this opportunity.

This however will be the first time that she’s traveled to a different country without me.

She’s going a long way away.

I know she’ll be safe as she’s going with good people.

I also know that this is a week that she will remember for the rest of her life.

I want her to grow. I want these opportunities for her.

I also want her home in her own bed tomorrow night where I can see her and know that she’s safe.

This growing up stuff is hard – on me.


I love you J. Have the time of your life.

5 thoughts on “Sniff

  1. That is a fabulous opportunity on many levels for her! That’s awesome. I can sympathize (a bit) as when my oldest goes away to camp for a week and such, it kills me…and she’s not even going to another country (or the other side of it)!
    Good luck. You will all be fine. Can’t wait to hear how it went!


  2. It is hard to let go of them. She will be fine and make some great memories. Keep yourself busy while she is gone and eat lots of chocolate, it always makes me feel better. 🙂


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