Spring Chaos

I feel like it’s January.

For the past few weeks I’ve been so busy getting my year of school finished off and looking after my kid’s and their activities that everything else has gotten ignored.

I’m now coming up for air and I feel like it’s the week after the Christmas school break. You now that week, it’s when you think that things should be slower because Christmas is over but then everything else that you’ve being ignoring to get Christmas done comes up and reminds you that you’ve been ignoring it.

Things just don’t ever seem to slow down.

So, to everyone who e-mailed and asked, Yes my exams went fine. Thank you for asking. I was a bit scattered when I wrote them, but they did get written and I think I wrote enough intelligent things in them that I’ll have passed. At least I hope so.

My house however is a mess and I now have to take the next few weeks to do some spring cleaning.

My office is what I’ve got to focus on first, I hear that there’s a desk some where under all these books and papers. I’ll let you know. 

Anybody know where I can buy some really HUGE garbage bags?

3 thoughts on “Spring Chaos

  1. If it makes you feel better, my house is in a state of utter chaos and I haven’t been studying for exams. There was a suspicious, sour milk smell in my kitchen that took me nearly half of the morning to diagnose and treat. Yuck!


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