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Garbage Challenged

We have a new garbage pick-up system going on in our town this week.

It’s a good thing, as we’re starting to recycle more but it’s a bad thing because it’s, well it’s complicated.

Yep, this University educated Mother of three can’t figure out what to put out for garbage today.

Starting today I have a new container for my meal scraps called a Green Cart. It gets all the food my kids turn their noses up at and all my used Kleenex and paper towels. Basically it’s my "I’m not eating that!"/Vegetable cart.

I now have garbage collection every other week with a six bag limit. This limit might be tight for us but we’re gonna try.

I also now have bulk collection once every four weeks from April through October. If I can remember when theses dates are this will hopefully save me a trip to the dump this year. Good bye old leather recliner!

I now also have yard waste paper bag pick up every other week for my brush, leaves and uh, yard waste. I also have a new bulk brush call in number where I can arrange to have the town come and pick up my bulk brush. Do I even have bulk brush some where? Is this a hint that I should be doing something in my backyard?

The town also has a new number that I can call and arrange for the collection of my metal and old appliances. They don’t replace them with new ones though. Darn.

Oh, and I can tell you when I can get rid of my Christmas tree this year! The town will be by to get that on January 16th 2009. This is information I will have completely forgotten by then. It’s APRIL for goodness sake, why are they telling me this now?

Finally I still have my usual blue boxes for cardboard and newspapers recycling. I can handle this, I’ve been trained on this one for years.

I’d like to blog more today but I have to go and study my new ‘Waste Management Guide’.

As if life wasn’t tough enough, now I’m gonna fail garbage pick-up too. I wonder if we’re gonna have garbage police out now too? Ahhh, the stress!!

7 thoughts on “Garbage Challenged

  1. I suggest writing all this down in your planner. Or get a separate calendar with all this stuff and put it on your fridge or by your back door or get it tattooed to your forearm. Holy Cow. Great stuff, but complicated is an understatement.


  2. Well, now we know why you’re tired! Our garbage was dutifully put out by 7 am this morning (in the pouring rain). Now at 7 pm it is still there. Did the magical book say that with all of our new changes, they actually TOLD the guys to come around and pick it up??? The only ones cruising our neighborhood are people in rusty vans looking for the “good” junk that people put outside for the mass junk collection. Oh well, makes the street more colourful!


  3. Oh, wow! Good luck! I’m sure there will be a few, “DOH!” exclamations for the next few months! We just have regular ol’ trash collection. Boy, do I wish we had “curbside” recycling pick up. No, we have to collect it up (cleaned, of course), store it, and then drive it to the recycling center where we have to pay for them to take it. Regularly. We can’t manage that and have over a year’s worth of cardboard collected up to take someday when it isn’t raining or windy.
    Have fun!!!


  4. Why do they make it so hard for you to do the right thing? Where I live they just changed it to ONE big bin for anything recyclable (they do the sorting after collection) and another day for all of the other trash. It is so easy that it makes me crazy when I see people who still wont recycle.


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