Little Miss Forgetful

My darling youngest child has turned into ‘Little Miss Forgetful’ lately.

Yesterday we arrived at her music lesson with no music and today she hopped out of the car for school drop off without her back-pack. Both of these articles were nicely packed up and sitting by the back door, they just didn’t make it out to the car.

I give up.

Maybe because she’s my third child or perhaps because I’m finally figuring out this whole ‘let them take the consequences’ thing, I didn’t run home and deliver what she needed. I decided to let her sort it out.

The problem was there were no consequences. No one noticed but me. The school put her on the hot lunch program and the music teacher worked around it.

Now I forget things at times, I’m not perfect. Unless I nag at youngest ALL the time however she doesn’t remember a thing. I honestly think she’d go to school naked and not notice. When she did notice she is also blessed with the personality that wouldn’t care, she would simply laugh.

How did I, Big Mrs. Organized Perfectionist, end up with a child like this?


I’m just blessed.

Youngest daughter is only eight and she’s my indulged baby so this is partly my fault. Still she’s also old enough now that things should change. She should be taking more responsibility for her own stuff.

Change is good. Right?

Now I suppose I’m going to have to be Mrs Organized Perfectionist NAG.

I can’t tell you how I’m looking forward to this. Blech.

5 thoughts on “Little Miss Forgetful

  1. My kids do that stuff all the time, at least only one of yours is that way. My kids get it from me — I cannot go to the car to leave without at least one trip back into the house for something I forgot.


  2. You have to keep up the fight…. perhaps the next time she forgets her things the teacher won’t be so accomodating…. and by the way, knapsacks neatly packed and waiting at the door? Shouldn’t they have to do that themselves too? Maybe it would help them remember to take their things with them…. Perserverence, my friend, perservence..


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