Spinning into Spring

Spring is coming.

It’s reached above zero everyday this week. The snow is almost gone and my yard is one big wet marshy muddy swamp.

I’m sitting at my desk and out my window I can see my ten year old son and eight year old daughter spinning around in the dusk on our front lawn. They are just holding out their arms and spinning around in circles until they fall on the ground laughing.

They are doing just what kids should be doing on a Friday night in spring time.

The only problem is they are doing it in their brand new spring coats.

Are the coats getting filthy? Yep.

Do they have old coats they could be wearing? Yep again.

I should probably be marching out there and demanding that they change their coats but I’m afraid if I do that they’ll stop spinning.


I’ve decided that I’m going to stay in my office and just let them spin. The coats can be washed.

This is hard for me.

I’ll get through it though – I’m just focusing on the laughter.

7 thoughts on “Spinning into Spring

  1. Ahh..they always pick their new stuff to go get filthy in! But it sounds like they are having a great time! Hope you enjoyed the peace and watching them. I cling to those memories of my girls playing nicely together on the days when they are trying to kill each other….


  2. Some things are just best left as they are! My son just got new shoes … not that you’d ever KNOW that – since he walked through the mud 2 hours after putting them on.
    *le sigh*


  3. I keep avoiding giving the boys’ snowpants one final washing and then storage for the season. Fear that if I do, I will need them again. I may wait until December when I am ready for the snow again.


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