We’re a handful.

Have you ever noticed that the world is made for pairs and fours?

My family is a perfect family of five. We have just the right amount of us to have fun, share a lot of love and well, just be the all round amazing group that we are.

The tourism industry however is not so fond of us.

For example, there are only a limited number of tables in restaurants that hold five or more. If we get to a restaurant after six pm we know we’ll be waiting. Most restaurants for some reason make up their tables for four, even McDonald’s. 

Hotel rooms are also made for four. Most rooms have two double beds, and only rarely can I get a cot pushed in. Adjoining rooms are getting tougher to find these days too.

The plane we took on our vacation last week offered great service but my family had to sit apart so that one of us wasn’t separated from the family. We sat in a group of two and a group of three. I want to sit TOGETHER.

My girlfriend and I are already planning to spend next year’s spring break together. She has four children and her four and my three all get along fabulously. I’m serious, we had eight days with them on vacation last week and not a single issue between the kids arouse. The older ones even looked after the younger kids so the parents could go out. It worked so well that we’re going to try it again next year. 

We called to book rooms for March 2009 yesterday and got the last two rooms available for families our size. Um, we’re talking about booking and putting down a deposit over a YEAR in advance. Crazy.

I’m not changing my family size. I’m too old for another baby and, as I’ve said many times, my family is perfect just as it is.  So I guess I’m stuck with the way things are done in ‘even numbers’ here in North America. I did contemplate opening my own restaurant and calling it, ‘The More the Merrier’ and only having tables of six or more set up in it but then I realized that I would have to cook.

That would not be good. I’m not a good cook.

I think we’ll continue standing in line instead.

9 thoughts on “We’re a handful.

  1. That’s actually one reason I’m nervous about having a 3rd baby. My dining room table has four chairs. There’s no room for a 3rd car seat in my car. The car thing especially bugs me, you either have to have a sedan or a minivan. I will never NEVER have a minivan. I can’t afford a new car at all, so our family just won’t be able to go anywhere all at the same time. It’s crazy. Five seats, but only four people will fit.


  2. Thank you for posting that! I didn’t put too much thought into those things before we decided to go for #3, but now that we are in the preparation stages, I am wondering more and more how I am going to make things work . . . three carseats, multiple highchairs and boosters (both at home and when we go out), and, of course, the fact that I only have two hands! I woundn’t change our decision for the world, and I hope that someday the world will be a little more accomodating for ‘handful’ families!


  3. Ya I sooooo agree!!! I have 7 total in my family — we almost fall into the catergory of “gratuity will bw added for parties of 8 or more”. Hotel rooms are a joke trying to book, you would think I asked for someones right arm when we want two rooms near each other. Drives me insane!!!


  4. Shew! If you think it’s hard here, go travel Europe with a family of five. My mom lives in Germany and when we went to visit a few years ago it was completely inconvenient. The worst part was booking a hotel in Frankfurt the night before our return flight. It practically took an act of Congress to get the hotel personnel to give us one room for all five of us… the saving factor was that it was considered a living room with adjoining bedroom. Hubs and I slept in the bedroom and, thankfully, our kids were all three small enough to sleep together on a futon couch. I’m not one who considers conspiracy theories, but I’m beginning to wonder why it’s so difficult to accommodate 5.


  5. I grew up in a family of 5. I don’t remember it being inconvenient, but we really didn’t go on vacations. I am part of a family of 4 now and can totally see your point.


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