Broken Zippers

I was driving away after picking up my kids at school today when my cell phone rang.

‘I just wanted to tell you,’ my girlfriend Dee told me, ‘that the zipper on ‘youngest daughter’s’ coat is broken.’

The story went that Dee had seen my youngest daughter standing outside waiting for me to pick her up with her coat open in -15C blowing snow. From the school car pick up line, Dee had called over to my daughter to do up her coat. When my child had yelled back that she couldn’t, Dee had climbed out of her truck to help and had discovered that the coat’s zipper was broken. Dee just wanted to make sure I knew so that I could get it sorted out. I love my Mom friends. I thanked Dee and hung up.

I then asked youngest daughter if everything was okay with her coat. ‘Sure,’ she replied.

‘Were you cold today?’ I asked.

‘No,’ she replied.

I pondered this.

‘So how long were you going to wait before you let me know that your coat zipper was broken?’ I asked deciding to get straight to the point.

‘I wasn’t going to tell you,’ she said.

‘Why?’ I asked.

‘Because if I told you, you would take my coat and fix it or buy me a new one,’ she answered.

Yep, that’s probably exactly what would have happened, terrible Mama that I am.

‘Is that a problem?’ I asked, a little bewildered now as youngest daughter had just told me a few days ago that she really didn’t like this particular coat all that much.

‘Yes,’ she replied, ‘because if you fixed this coat then you would have bought me a new one and given this one away. You ALWAYS give my old things away.’

Yep, I do that too. When we’re done with things, I do give them to charity. I get rid of the old stuff quickly too as I figure the less stuff I have in the house, the less I have to pick up.

So, now my child got a lecture. I told her about the importance of sharing, the importance of charity and why, in Canada in the middle of winter, one needs a coat that zips up.

Too much for a seven year old?

Yep, probably.

But sometimes I just can’t help myself, I just gotta lecture them. I look on it as one of the few privileges I have as their Mom.

Besides, nothing says I love you like a good telling off.

That and red wine of course, but she’s still much too young for the wine.

5 thoughts on “Broken Zippers

  1. My son is the same way. He collapsed into a ball of tears the other night when he discovered that I had gotten rid of his flannel firetruck pajamas. They were a 3T. He’s FIVE!


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