I’m going on vacation naked.

I went shopping today. Now, the fact that I went shopping isn’t in itself all that unusual. What is however interesting is that I went shopping for clothes – for me.

I guess I’ve been a little too happy to be finally living back home, as I seem to have put on a good ten pounds over the last year. We’re going on a two week family vacation next week and guess what? None of my summer clothes fit.

So I went shopping today.

Now I am just over forty, I am about 5′ 5" and wear about a size 8 – 10. I have had three children and so my stomach is not as flat as it was when I was nineteen, but you know what? I look okay.

Unfortunately the clothing industry doesn’t seem to think so. I can’t find ANYTHING that’s frigin’ appropriate for a woman of my age and size.

I don’t need my tummy showing, thank you very much.

I also don’t need pants that climb up to my arm pits.

And black? Okay I like to wear some black, but does every piece of clothing for my age group have to be black? I’m fair, bordering on pale – I NEED a LITTLE color.

I have no idea what I’m going to wear over the next few weeks. I’m starting to think we should be going to a nudist colony but that’s just plain scary.

Whose idea was this trip anyway? Oh, right. Mine.


11 thoughts on “I’m going on vacation naked.

  1. LOL!!! I bet your hubby woun’t mind the naked vacation but your kids might not like it so much. 😛
    I know what you mean about clothes that fit. Unless you are a size 6 with normal proportioned body length vs. leg length finding clothes is close to impossible. Good luck with the search!


  2. I am 5’2″ and about a size 4-6. Everything is skin tight and too tight in the thighs. I hate it, too. OH, and it is about 4 inches too long for me unless I go to the petites section which is treated like the forgotten stepchild in my town.
    Have a great trip. This is the third blog I have read today and all are going on trips this weekend. What up?


  3. I am going to Mexico in 6 weeks and haven’t bought a bathing suit in 6 years. My oldest is 4 years old.
    You know what that means.
    I haven’t even started looking yet. I don’t want to face the depression.


  4. A vacation sounds great…the what to wear part is not so great. Clearly the ‘fashion industry’ only thinks that 13-29 year olds with perfect bodies need clothing. The rest of us belong in muumuu’s.


  5. Check back with me in about 5 years . . . I will be writing the same post.
    Why must everything be ‘slim’, ‘tapered’, ‘narrow’, or ‘fitted’?! None of those words could be used to describe anything on my body! I have gotten back to my pre-pregnancy weight after both babies, but nothing is where it used to be, and there is certainly more of it in some areas than others!
    Good luck!


  6. The very idea of a nudist colony would be enought o send me over the edge. I cannot stand to see myself in a mirror.
    Good luck, and enjoy the vacation. But please, don’t go naked.


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