Yep, I’m still here.

Time flies.

I haven’t  blogged in a few days and I can’t even tell you why.

My youngest has had strep throat, we’re getting ready to go on vacation, I’ve had papers due – all good excuses but there’s been no more on the go then normal, so I’m stumped.

Today I’m blogging from school just because it’s so hard these days to try and find the time to post from home. I should however probably be hopping in my mini-van and hitting the grocery store instead.

Dinner time is coming quickly, and so far I have nothing dreamed up to feed my family. Pizza is good, but only half the clan will eat it these days.

I’m thinking we should have chicken. I think they’re all eating that this week. Anyone got any good chicken recipes?


I’m off to hunt us down some food!

7 thoughts on “Yep, I’m still here.

  1. It’s pretty here! I love when you change your templates. I’ve liked every single one you’ve used.
    You know that if you make chicken, at least 30% of the population will scream that they want pizza. Good luck with that.


  2. It is funny how busy you can get doing everyday stuff. People ask ” What have you been doing?” I always say nothing, but it always feel like a lot of nothing.


  3. You probably just needed a little blogging break…though we miss you when you go!
    We had chicken last night. I did a ‘shake and bake’ kind of thing, but with stuff from the pantry, not a box. Sweet potatoes and salad went with it.
    I don’t know about tonight. I’ve been toying with pizza too, but I think we’ve had it too much. Maybe more chicken? Good luck!


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