Lost: One Mind.

Is it just me or does getting older make one stupider?

I honestly use to know more. I did. It’s not a figment of my imagination and it’s not because I was a ‘know it all’ as a kid either.

But I swear to you, I think sometimes all the lights are on in my mind, but no one’s home.

My Mom refers to these ‘gaps’ as ‘senior moments’. These are the moments when you know that you know something but it’s not coming to you as quickly as it once did. But my Mom is twenty-three years older than I am and I’m just not ready to have senior moments yet, so that just leaves me with the option of being stupid.

I’m not happy about this.

Today I went the whole day thinking that my cell phone was sitting in its charger at home, I didn’t make any calls because I didn’t have my phone. Then about 3 pm it rang from inside my purse. Yep, I had the darn thing all along.

I also went to the grocery store and left the list at home. I tried to drop off my daughter for a swimming lesson that was on a different night and I totally forgot that I had put cookies in the oven, and since I didn’t set the timer, I burnt the whole pan. All of these things happened in and around the same three hours.

Now I realize that none of these things are all that important in the grand scheme of things but they have left me wondering, many times today actually, if I’m losing my mind.


I think I’ll go and pour myself a glass of wine, at least then I came blame anything stupid I do on the alcohol.

While I’m at it I think I’ll have a burnt cookie too. Can I blame anything on chocolate, other then a big behind? Let me know.

13 thoughts on “Lost: One Mind.

  1. LOL. My husband started referring to this state as “pregnancy brain” when I was pregnant with my first. My 3rd is 8 months old and this state has yet to clear! I lose everything, walk into a room and forget why I’m there, go to the store and don’t know what I wanted to buy (until I’ve gotten all 3 kids back home and then suddenly go OH YEAH..and have to tredge back out again).


  2. I have done the cookie thing before and I have also taken my son to school when he was off track. Just dropped him off and drove away!
    I believe episodes of Spongebob has actually taken brain cells from me therefore I will blame him.


  3. Too funny. Girl, you better start taking your ginseng – isn’t that supposed to keep you sharper or something. When I was a teen, my parents had ths sign on the fridge that said,
    I think you aren’t getting stupider, your mind is just as cluttered as ever.


  4. I swear my children are thriving off of my brain cells . . . it started in pregnancy, continued through the months of breastfeeding, and is at an all time high now. My worst is not having any idea what day of the week it is – I am hoping this will get better when the kids are in school and I have to have them there on certain days, but I am fairly sure I will pull a Christina and just drop them off anyway!


  5. Its brain freeze. Common affliction in Canada because its so cold out in the winter and because we eat freezies in the summer. Not only do you need a nice large glass of fine red wine but I’m sure a vacation wouldn’t hurt either.


  6. Blame it on the kids. Pregnancy has been documented to kill off brain cells. Apparently I’ve had a few too many kids. Thankfully I’ve never left the house without getting dressed yet.


  7. You are not alone, so many of us do this. I did not know this until I started going to Mom groups and finding out we all do this. You are not going crazy, you are just a mom.


  8. I think that what you are suffering from is known as ‘mommy brain overload’. It occurs when you have 2,000 little things to remember and keep track of for your family. It then causes the things that are important just to you (ie: placement of your cell phone) to float somewhere in your cranium without anyplace to attatch. It is often mistaken for ‘senior moments’ or ‘brain farts’. It will go away when your youngest child leaves the home:~)


  9. I swear it’s lost brain cells due to kids (and occassionally husbands!). I SOOOO get you on this one! Sister you aren’t the only one sitting there eating burnt cookies! 😉


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