Being Female


About every six weeks my in-box pops up with an e-mail that has the acronym ‘GNO’ in its subject line.

GNO means Girl’s Night Out.

GNO’s are when my girlfriends from University and I get together and go out. We usually meet at Kelsey’s (think Appleby’s for my American friends) because it’s central to most of us.

I met these ladies when I started University in the 1980’s. We are all now in our forties and going strong. We all laugh at the girls we were back in the 80’s but still, amazingly enough, enjoy the company of the women we’ve become. The group can range from three to eight women, depending on who’s free.

What do we do at GNO’s?

We drink – but just enough to be able to drive responsibly.

We eat – usually something bad for us, with lots of whip cream, chocolate or cheese.

We talk. Boy, do we talk. We share, we vent, we gossip.

And we laugh. A lot.

I love my GNO’s.

I think I’ll go check my in-box, if there’s not a GNO e-mail there then I think I’d better get busy and send one out. I’m feelin’ the need for some girl time.

14 thoughts on “GNO

  1. Oh, rub it in – you lucky dog!!! I would love to have GNO with my girls! You are so fortunate to have friends from that long ago that you are still close to and are able to spend time with. I hope you always have those great friends!
    Have a great day – Kellan


  2. That sounds like so much fun. I wish I had some girls to even do a GNO with! I don’t think my 6 yo would count.
    Unfortunately, I have lost touch with too many of my old friends. Some for good reasons, but it is still very sad the same. And living here in no man’s land, doesn’t help.


  3. Now that I am the working parent, I have abandoned my GNO. My husband gets his by way of Basketball.
    I miss the friends, drinking and gossip, but there is just not enough time in my day for my family now, so I’ve become a home body.


  4. I’m thinkin’ we’re going to have to be a little more careful with regard to what we say, do, eat and drink at any future GNO’s as they are bound to become a blog entry for all to read about. Eeek!
    Ahhhh…keeps us young…we can’t be that OLD if we are hip enough to make it into a blog. Good gosh…the fact that we even know what a blog is takes about 10 years off!
    And that reminds me…thanks for telling everyone we are in our 40s …I thought we agreed we were forever in our 30s now? Bite your tongue, I mean your key pad, Leanne ; )


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