To do…

My ‘to do’ list seems to be growing at a faster rate these days then I can write down, never mind keep up with.

I know I’m trying to do too much, the problem is I can’t figure out what to get rid of off the list. Everything on it is important – to someone.

I’ve tried lately to give up on sleep, but that’s not working out too well.

So, tonight I’ve just decided to give up.

Yep, I’m hoisting the white flag. Sorry everyone but if you’re expecting me to do anything I’m officially announcing that it just ain’t gonna happen.

My kids don’t need to eat right? I’m also sure that my professors will understand why I don’t hand in my two assignments this week. As for the laundry? Well, clean clothes are vastly over rated. My messy kitchen? Well, nothing’s growing in there yet. Actually it can’t, I didn’t get any groceries this week.


I’m going to bed. If I get up there right now I can still grab eight hours. That sounds just too good to pass up on.

I’ll figure out something tomorrow.

Maybe hubby could use a few extra things to do. That oughta go over really well. 🙂

9 thoughts on “To do…

  1. You’re not the only one! I always seem to want to try to do it all myself…because it’s just a pain trying to get my husband to help some days! But yeah…those to-do lists never end, do they?


  2. Join a nudist colony. I think I am going to for the sake of sanity. That way you actually “finish” laundry. Just kidding. Pray about it. Pray for the right priorities. Pray for the time for what He wants you to do.


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