Patience. Patience.

If your ten year old son and thirteen year old daughter are in their school musical and you were helping out back stage, how many times do you think you would have to tell the 101 kids who are with them to:

A) stop running down the halls.

B)  keep their voices down so they won’t be heard on stage.

C) quit wrestling, teasing, poking or just plain annoying the kid sitting beside them?

103 kids from nine to fourteen years of age.

4 hours of rehearsing on all three days of a long weekend.

I’d guess I said the SAME thing about 2,700 times yesterday.

I am proud of myself though as I did not yell. Yeah me.

I’m back helping out back stage AGAIN today.

I am insane.

11 thoughts on “Patience. Patience.

  1. You’re my hero, Leanne. I needed 2 drinks tonight to recover from my own bout of herding those children today! According to my husband, I was not too gentle with the parents picking up either! I didn’t even realize. But I’m too mellow now to feel much guilt about it.


  2. Perhaps just a wee bit insane. 🙂 But definitely an awesome Mom. It’s stressful I’m sure – but you’ll never regret it in years to come. Yay for you is right.
    And remember, when in doubt: WINE.


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