Tired Mama

I am tired.

It’s been a busy week, and you know what? I’m feelin’ it.

I’ve had way too many late nights combined with early mornings this week.

Monday is a new holiday here in Canada but unfortunately my two older children are involved in their school’s musical production and they still have a practice on Monday afternoon which for some insane reason I agreed to help out with. Hockey is still on for Monday too. So, no day off for me.

The scariest thing is that this last week has been ‘reading week’ at my University and I haven’t had any classes. I guess since I knew I had the week off I just planned too much to fill the time. Silly me, I didn’t read either.


TiredMama needs a day when she can go to bed early and the alarm doesn’t need to be set. But looking at my calender I don’t think that’s gonna happen until a week next Saturday.

I wonder if I remember how to sleep in?

6 thoughts on “Tired Mama

  1. Yeah…I feel like you too somedays…especially since I’m pregnant and all again…I’m a tired mama. And even though Monday’s supposed to be a holiday I’m not looking forward to it because my husband is gone all day Monday and Tuesday on a trip with some youth…so that leaves me – the tired mama and my active boy at home by ourselves…whew. Hope we all survive! 😉


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