Happy Hearts Day!

J0433140 Have you noticed how freely most people, me included, use the word "love"? We use it to describe really good deserts, vacations, fresh coffee, and all sorts of weird things. Now I could tell you I LOVE warm brownies with ice cream. I do, it’s my favorite desert. Do I really love it though? No, probably not.

But, I do love my family. I really really really love my family. But that love isn’t always perfect and it might not always be apparent. I’m sure when I’m yelling at my kids to pick their dirty clothes up off the bathroom floor, they’re not feelin’ the love. But I do love them and I think they know that. I also believe that they love me. I’m blessed.

But I’m asking myself today, because it’s Valentine’s Day, what else I love. Since I’m now thinking that I should reserve the word ‘love’ to refer to my family, I decided to change it a bit and tell you seven random things that make me happy.

So what makes me happy?

Warm chocolate chip cookies make me happy.

Being warm in bed AND able to sleep as long as I like makes me happy.

A purring cat makes me happy.

Blogging/Writing makes me happy.

Reading a really good book makes me happy.

Hearing my children all laughing together makes me happy.

Singing makes me happy.

Um, did you notice that cooking, cleaning, nagging to do homework or laundry isn’t on this list? Funny that.

What makes you happy?

12 thoughts on “Happy Hearts Day!

  1. I agree with you on all of those, and would like to add the following:
    Finding a little extra money in the bank at the end of the month makes me happy.
    Clean sheets and warm pajamas make me happy. And I am even happier if I am not the one that had to wash them and put them on the bed!
    And, of course, all of you wonderful people in the blogsphere who check-in to read my latest drivel make me happy!


  2. My kids and husband make me happy. I do love to hear them all laugh at the same time. That does make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
    Long hot baths ir showers make me happy.
    Any chocolate dessert make me happy.
    Happy Valentine’s Day !!!!!


  3. Reading your blog makes me happy. You nailed that list, it could be mine (except my cat never purrs – I’m pretty sure he hates me).
    And I love to watch a good movie from time to time. A really good movie.
    Happy hearts day!


  4. Snuggling in bed with my husband or as a family. The baby sleeping in my arms right now. Bloggy friends. Discovering some food I have been craving is a) on sale, b) dairy-free or (ideally) c) BOTH!


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