Baby, it’s cold outside….

It’s cold out.

Really cold.

Today it’s -11C/12F, which with the wind feels like -20C/-4F.

I, like a good Mama bear, have of course prepared for this by putting on a protective layer of fat for the winter.

In exactly one month we are leaving for a two week holiday break in Florida.

If I am in Florida it means that I will, in all probability, have to put on a bathing suit.

Protective layer of fat.

Bathing suit.


Anyone know if Weight works?

15 thoughts on “Baby, it’s cold outside….

  1. Well, I am very close to Florida and it’s about 70 degrees in the day and about 40 at night. I don’t know what I would do with snow!! I live here and I too have a layer of fat!! 🙂 Just go ahead and wear that bathing suit!! There is always someone out there that wished they were your size right?
    Thanks for visiting my blog!!


  2. Oh Leanne, I puffy heart you and your protective layer of *warmth*. I have the same blubber. And a vacation scheduled in 3 weeks. I’ve been exercising my flabolous self to no end and to no avail.
    *le sigh*
    May the best beached whale win. 🙂


  3. If you go to their site, (and I have been off and on) there are quite a few success stories in the online catagory. Here’s the chick I know that most about: Tory Maybe you were just being funny when you asked. If so, sorry…I’m kind of dense, you know?


  4. I might raise you on that beached whale thing.
    Leanne, you are so funny. Protective layer of fat from the cold. I love it. May I use it? (The phrase I mean, as I am trying to remove my own protective layer!)
    We are in the midst of another snow storm. Oh yay.


  5. Only -20 with the windchill? I’m so jealous! hehe…really I am! Here we had -57 with the windchill the other day…and we’ve had about 3-4 days of -35 C. now. Yikes. I am SOOO ready for summer…and I’d go to Florida and put on the swimsuit protective layer of fat or not! haha…that’s how desperate I am for warm weather!!


  6. Leanne,
    Man. last year after our first harsh/normal Edmonton winter, I had cabin fever like I have NEVER HAD in my life. We went to Disney for a week and then spent Easter with my family in Missouri. Florida was HEAVEN – 80 plus F. DISNEY was an oasis even with the crowds just to see my lily white arms and legs uncovered. Just remember, you have an hourglass figure – you are just keeping it safe. You can get it out whenever you want. You just have to WANT to.


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