I’m behind.

I have an exam this week and a paper due tomorrow that I’ve written four, yep FOUR times and I’m still not happy with it.


I’m also behind on blogging. So this is a catch up post.

I’ve been very honored lately that other Mom bloggers have been talking about me. Nicely too.

Loveblogs I’ve been given this ‘heart award’ by Christina at ‘My Five Little Monkeys’.

If you’ve never visited her blog, please go here and give her a read. She’s funny, intelligent and she’s not afraid to tell it like it is. Life with five kids will do that to you I suspect. I heart her blog too!

I would also like to pass this award on to the bloggers I’m mentioning below, so New Diva on the Blog, Mama Geek and Angie, I’m spreading the love, this little piece of Valentine bling is for you!

Excellentawardblog I’ve also been given this ‘Excellent’ award by two different bloggers. (They like me, they really really like me!)

These people think my blog is excellent. I am seriously blushing here folks! But thank you. I think you’re all pretty excellent as well.

So, if you haven’t already been to visit Angie at Keep Believing, make sure you do. She’s my new hero as she raises two adorable little boys and tries to keep her hubby strong as he battles brain cancer. I personally would be a puddle, but this lady is strong and funny. Pay her a visit here and you’ll see what I mean. And Angie, you do keep believing girlfriend – I’m with you.

The other great blog friend who favored me with this ‘excellent award’  was one of the very first ‘bloggy Mom’s’ I came across when I  started posting. I love this blog because ‘New Diva‘ talks about EVERYTHING. I never know what I’m going to find when I go there, but it’s always well thought out and a fun read. If you haven’t found New Diva on the Blog yet at Say Anything, click right on over there. She’s great.

Emu Finally, I want to mention MamaGeek over at What Works for Us. She gave me this award because she finds me amusing. I like that. I have been referred to as a lot of other things but rarely have I been described as amusing. So, go on over and check out this software engineer turned SAHMgineer here. She not only writes well, but she takes really good pictures. She’s another great read.

You wanna know what I think is the weirdest thing about this blog world? I could pass any of these ladies on the street and not know them but I read about their lives everyday. The power of language and the blog, it’s simply amazing.

Now, I gotta go write this paper that’s due tomorrow AGAIN. Anyone know why I’ve gone back to school? Remind me, please. Sigh.

10 thoughts on “Wow.

  1. Yeah for blogging validation! Congratulations on your awards. I agree about the power of language and blogging – I will probably never meet in real life the writers of any of the blogs that I read, but I feel like I know them and that we could sit down for coffee and chat for hours should the occasion arise. Wonderful!


  2. Congrats! First off, all that bling is making me blind! I just love your posts. I always envision you hiding out from your family while typing them (err wait, is that only me)?
    You went back to school because (a) you’re smart and (b) you can hide out from your fam a little more.
    Sincerest thanks Leanne. You made my day!


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