Let it Snow…

We had about 20 centimeters (8 inches) of snow fall on Friday. It was already a scheduled day off for most of the schools in the area and those that weren’t supposed to be closed had a ‘snow’ day. My University closed too so we were all home, except hubby who went to work but even he came home early.

My kids love snow days. No school, a day to sleep in and when they do tumble out of bed there’s tons of white stuff to play in.

We now have a slightly lopsided but happy smiling snow-person in the middle of our front lawn and a lovely iced over snow fort in the side yard.

We had the usually ‘she hit me with a snowball and I wasn’t even playing’ fights and the obligatory hot chocolate with miniature marshmallows after they all came in. I then had piles of wet steamy smelly outdoor clothes to wash, dry and try to put back together for the next days fun.

It’s all good. 

Actually, just don’t lick any metal poles, drive any where, park outside, let yourself get too cold, have leaky boots or forget your hats and gloves, then it’s all good.

Oh, and make sure the kids go to the bathroom BEFORE they put their snow suits on, then it’s all good.


Tell me again, why is this good?

9 thoughts on “Let it Snow…

  1. I actually revel in the wet snow gear! Peeling the cold, wet layers off and then bundling them in warm, dry clothes and plying them with hot chocolate! I LOVE snow days! The video games are fun too! 😉


  2. Good question. You should see my mudroom – actually NO YOU SHOULDN’T! We have had off and on snow for months and we are constantly shoveling out. I am sick of it. Where are you from that you measured in cm before in.
    I have an award for you at my site because I find your blog so EXCELLENT!


  3. It’s all good because in the future you will remember the magic of the snow play and the hot chocolate after, not who started the fights, who peed their pants, or whatever.
    We had a snow day too and it was marvelous! DH got home from his business trip (ahem, to Mexico/Texas!) and we all had a great day. Littlest one was disappointed because the Daddy/Daughter dance was canceled. (Hopefully will be rescheduled!).
    Enjoy these days! They are fleeting…


  4. I remember the joy of snow days when I was growing up. I cracked up when you said “to be sure that the kids go to the bathroom before putting on their snowsuits”. Now I remember why I live in Southern California.


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