Weight Loss

I have sore shoulder and chest today.

I don’t think I’m having a heart attack though. I think my shoulder and chest hurt from lugging around my purse. Yep, my purse. I put it on the scale a few minutes ago. My purse weighed nine pounds. Nine.

It doesn’t sound like a lot but you know what? When you pick it up, it’s really heavy. I need to get more exercise but this is ridiculous.

So, I just took my purse and dumped it upside down on the floor of my office. I shook out everything, then I put my wallet, keys, phone, a pen, one lipstick and a hair brush back in. I just reweighed it, it now weighs three pounds.

I now have six pounds of stuff sitting in the middle of my office floor. None of it is alive. None of it belongs to me. My kids hand me stuff all the time, I guess I just shove it in my purse and forget about it. I need to change this.

My plan is to have my kids look through everything tonight and tell me if there is anything in the pile that they need, if there’s not then I’m going to get a shovel and just throw the whole yucky pile out.

I don’t even really know what’s there, I’m too afraid to look. It even smells kinda nasty.

I’ve moved up to my hubby’s office to work. I’ll go back down to my office when all my old purse stuff is gone.

I wonder how much weight my minivan would lose if I could shake it out too?

16 thoughts on “Weight Loss

  1. I lost most of my shoulder pain after I got rid of everything except my keys, phone, pull-up, lipstick, wallet, and calendar. It will fill up in a hurry, though.


  2. Just think of the gas mileage you will save from the lighter purse. Do the mini-van shake and you’ll put a small Middle-eastern Country into recession. I thin I am going to try this.


  3. I had the same thought today about my purse. I had more crap in there then I knew what to do with. Except I just threw it away without asking the kids if it was important.
    Feelin the love? (i love that so I stole it from your comment=))


  4. That’s funny, I actually carry around an empty purse. I keep all the important stuff in my pockets. I don’t know why I even carry the purse, a decoy for thieves perhaps?


  5. Oh how I wish I could just upend my car and shake all the junk and crumbs and everything that isn’t attached to the car out. Just like we do to the tents!
    The heavy, stuffed purse. That’s why I switched to one that is just barely bigger than the stuff *I* need. Sometimes it is inconvenient, but I tell you what it has done for me… the kids don’t want to carry their own stuff, now it doesn’t fit in my purse, now they carry less “stuff” with them! Win-win in my opinion. 🙂


  6. The last time I cleaned out my purse, there were credit card receipts inches thick all the way from last year, candy wrappers, used tissues, etc. Luckily I found no roaches hiding in there!!


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