Thirteen going on…

Tonight my new teenager (13!) is celebrating her birthday with dinner, movies and a sleep over with four of her friends. We just got back from dinner and it was fine. I think.

The reason I don’t really know is because I watched my daughter enjoy her dinner with her four friends from across the room because my eldest didn’t want her younger sister at the same table as her friends.

I didn’t make  a big deal out of it as none of the other girls have a little sister and my youngest does try to make herself the center of attention when she’s around them. My older daughter’s friends think she’s cute. My eldest daughter just thinks her younger sister is a pain.

So, younger daughter and I enjoyed an intimate dinner for two, (my boys are at the hockey rink) and I must say it was nice to spend time alone with my baby. I could see the five thirteen year olds a few tables away and they were fine, acting like the nineteen year olds they believe themselves to be.

No clowns this year. No pink balloons. No big fancy loot bags and no fluffy dresses.


This growing up stuff is kinda hard – on me.

14 thoughts on “Thirteen going on…

  1. Is that a rite of passage? I took the GirlChild out to eat with four of her friends for her birthday. I, however, sat with them and even she didn’t seem to mind.


  2. Awww. *sniff* At least you were allowed to be in view of them! 😉
    I’ll be following you soon. My oldest girl turns 13 in April. *sigh*
    Happy Birthday to your new Teen! 🙂


  3. I took my daughter, her friend, and my eleven year old son to Disneyland for my daughter’s thirteenth birthday. We had a great time, but that didn’t stop my thirteen year old from asking me why her “annoying little brother” had to join us. sigh


  4. Is that a rite of passage? I took the GirlChild out to eat with four of her friends for her birthday. I, however, sat with them and even she didn’t seem to mind.


  5. Luckily the pendulum still swings both ways, since my girl came home thrilled with her kid’s toy from the toy chest at the restaurant AND with a perfect teen lootbag! It’s a funny age.
    An excellent party, so I’m told. I’m glad YOU got some sleep!


  6. I am trying to figure out a way to make my children stay the ages they are at right now. 8,7,2. So far I’m not coming up with anything but I could still dream right?
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  7. They grow up so fast, don’t they? My daughter turns 13 all too soon and we’ll have to plan something special for her. I was thinking a mani/pedi would be so fun, but am spazzing at how grown-up it sounds.


  8. I can’t imagine. I am having a hard time with the freedoms and friends of my SIX year old. I get hit ALL the time with – I only have about 5-6 more years before he becomes more interested in girls and the mall than he is with me. I spend so much of my day shooing him away to “get things done” Oh. I. hate. even. thinking. about. it.


  9. Well,I am in a similar situation with The Rock Star turning 13 in June. However, the Legal Adult turns 23….don’t ask me how that happened. At least she wanted you around…I’m impressed.
    Thanks for stopping by the blog!


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