Shop ’til ya drop.

J0409772 I went out shopping tonight with my sister.

I used to go out shopping a lot with her but lately because of our busy schedules we don’t seem to get out as often.

When I was growing up my Mom would take my sister and me shopping every Thursday night. We lived near a mall that was basically shaped like a square with a major department store in each corner. The ‘lanes’ leading up to each department store were filled with your typical smaller card, fashion, business and jewelry shops. We would shop all four sides. At one corner was a major grocery store, so every week this was our last stop where we picked up the week’s groceries before heading home. Yep, those were the days when you only went to the grocery store ONCE a week.

I remember those evenings well, my Mom would usually have a list and we would get all sorts of things; socks and underwear for my brothers, a tie for my Dad or maybe school supplies for all of us. One week really stands out in my mind because my Mom let me buy Orange Crush flavored lip gloss. Whooo Wee!

The mall was glittery, exciting, warm and full of temptations. To a ‘tween’ like me it was very cool.

Perhaps because my sister and I shopped together weekly when we were young, we shop well together now. We seem to go at the same pace through stores, and we like to look at the same type of things in the same shops.

My two girls don’t really like to shop. This may change as they get older but right now they are happy to just let me go out with their Aunt and get whatever they need.

I’m okay with this, but I think I may have to start taking them out once in a while too. Shopping for the sake of shopping may not be the best thing, but Mom/Daughter/Sister/Aunt bonding over a cute pair of shoes isn’t all that horrible either.

Come on girls, it’s time you learned what a beautiful thing a clearance rack can be!

14 thoughts on “Shop ’til ya drop.

  1. I wish I had a sister! I’m the oldest of 3, and I love my brothers, but gosh, having another girl in the house would have been awesome! I am very close to my mom, though, and she’s an awesome shopping partner!
    Thanks for your nice comments! I really enjoy your blog too!


  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’ve enjoyed your posts. I shop well with my sisters too. (I have 2) I also have a cat. She gets gifts for Christmas and birthdays. When my kids were younger they would do things like you mentioned. Cats have a way of looking quite disgusted when you do that to them! If you want slow cooking recipes you should visit Sandra at Diary of a SAHM. She hosts Slow Cooking Thursdays and I’ve got lots of good recipes from there!


  3. My Mom, my Sisters,and I all enjoy shopping together. We all have different tastes but seem to like the same things. It is fun to see how we incorporate the same obect into our unique styles. Now I live far away from them and I just don’t shop that much anymore. I hope one day my girls will want to do the same with me.


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