Happy Birthday Ollie!

Last spring we went to the local animal shelter and adopted a kitten.

He’s a pretty silver tabby who the kids named Ollie and he has turned out to be a joy. He’s laid back, playful, gentle and he seems to have his ‘purr switch’ permanently turned on.

My kids fight over who gets to be the first to hold Ollie when they get home from school, and everyone wants him to sleep with them.

He’s the perfect family pet.

This Saturday Ollie turns one.  My youngest daughter wants to have a birthday party for him.

Right. Exactly what does one do for a cat’s birthday?

I suggested we buy him a can of his favorite food and then we just let him sleep all day in the sun.

That did not go over well with my youngest though. Why do I have the feeling that this poor cat is going to be wearing a paper hat, dressed in a doll tutu and eating out of miniature dishes this Saturday?

Poor thing. He’s only turning one and I already suspect his birthday is going to be torture. At least I got to about thirty-five before this started happening to me.

Hmmm. I wonder if he likes wine?

17 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Ollie!

  1. I hate to think of what you will have to do if your goldfish dies. Wait, do you have a goldfish?
    I actually still like my birthday even though it is now overshadowed by my youngest son. BLAST YOU FOR BEING BORN WITHIN 10 DAYS OF ME!


  2. Happy birthday to Ollie. I do hope he can sneak away to a quiet corner for a bit. LOL
    I remember my sister dressing our dog, Jack up in doll dresses when he was a pup. He hated it and she would put him in my doll buggy and try to take him for a walk. He usually escaped.


  3. Hahahaha! Likes wine? HA! Happy early Birthday to your sweet Ollie – we have 3 cats that my kids love like that too – and fight over as well. Take care Leanne – see you soon. Kellan


  4. It’s great you have a cat that tolerates your kids. Our tabby, P.K. (Princess Kitty), is awesome, but she would much rather pounce on their heads than let them pet her!


  5. When our cat turned one, we “celebrated” with a can of tuna upended on his plate, and stuck a candle in it. (The kids blew out the candle for him.) I think I might have gotten him a toy, too. Pretty much the easiest of the kid parties I’ve ever thrown… he has no friends, after all, and no parents who forget to pick them up…


  6. Cards…you all definitely have to make birthday cards for Ollie…yep, cards and a cake…one for humans and one for Ollie (I like the cat of cat food with the candle idea).


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