I have a cold.

The ‘coughing up phlegm, hot then cold all over, stuffy head and ache every where’ kind.

I have put on my pink flannels and I am trying my best to pretend that I don’t have a hundred things to do today.

I haven’t gone to a doctor yet as I think she’s just going to tell me to take it easy and let it run its course.

I can’t sleep.

I don’t want to eat.

I want to just lie my throbbing head down and let the kids and hubby fend for themselves.

I hate colds.

Anyone got a good recipe for chicken soup?

9 thoughts on “Yuck.

  1. hope you’re feeling better…. my mom always says Vicks vaporub and a sock around your neck is the way to go…. you might look stupid but I must admit it actually does help….


  2. Hum oysters.. My French Canadian grandmother always used to say have a gin with honey and lemon juice before going to bed and the cold would be gone in no time. Chicken soup thats for amateurs.


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