Something else I learned from my Mom.

J0410150 I took the kids to school this morning at eight am. I then came home, tidied up the house, and went for a short run before showering and heading off to attend my own classes at the local University.

After my classes I picked up groceries, picked up the kids, and then got them all to their respective music lessons. We got home by seven pm.

I have just finished making and cleaning up dinner and now the kids are showering, doing homework and getting ready for bed.

You know what? I am exhausted.

I can do my own school classes, the home stuff, and the run easily enough.

My kids however just wear me out.

They talk, they fight, they negotiate, they call each other names, and they tattle on each other. Sometimes they do all of these things in the space of half a minute.

My children drain me both emotionally and physically.

Dearest hubby looked at me as we cleaned up after dinner, and after I had finished listening to the dramas of his day, he told me to go and hide behind my laptop for a while. I must look really tired tonight.

So, here I am. Hiding and blogging. Blogging and hiding.

My Mother used to hide too; she however did it behind a newspaper. I guess my siblings and I must have exhausted her too.

I however am not my Mother.

I am a Mom of the new millennium.

I am going to see what’s on

13 thoughts on “Something else I learned from my Mom.

  1. My mom used to hide behind a good book and pretend that she was so engroosed by it that she couldn’t hear us. Unfortunately my hubby is outta town for the next two weeks and since I’m on maternity leave I’m the only one with my kids ALL. DAY. LONG. I wished a million times today that I could hide.


  2. You have a very valid point. I’m going to bring it up the next time my husband has a fit that I’m spending too much time using the computer (that he bought me because he loves me and wanted to live to see another day). I’m quite sure his Mom hid somewhere in order to survive her life with three boys.


  3. Hmmmm… I try to hide behind my laptop, or the newspaper (yes, I still read that physical paper), or a book, but I can never get away with it very long…
    My husband comes home, devours dinner then promptly disappears. He hides at his computer and gets testy if anyone disturbs him…usually citing that he had a stressful day or his vps server needs working on or *something*!
    My kids tire me out too… I think it really is the endless bickering more than anything else.


  4. Exhaustion is – passed down from generation to generation! You should be exhausted – that sounds like a very exhausting day!
    Thanks so much for the nice comment on my post – you are a good friend and I’m glad to know you. Take care and I’ll see you soon. Kellan


  5. Hey Leanne thanks for stopping by. I love my family frames. The letters are vinyl, I stuck the lettering on the glass of picture frames. I took all the backing off the frames and used a glue gun to glue the glass to frames. Not so clever after all eh! Hope you do this project and enjoy it.


  6. Ooh, yeah – those kids wear you down bit by bit, like Chinese water torture. I’m sure you’ve heard that raising children is like being pecked to death by chickens.
    But you also have a really long day there, if you’re not even making dinner until 7 PM! No way I could go full steam that many hours….


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