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Shallow Mama

I was going to write a post today about my back hall. It’s a mess and I have to tell my kids at LEAST a million times a day to PLEASE pick up the stuff they drop there and put it away. It drives me crazy.

But then I was surfing the blog world and I came across this:

Just in case you can’t follow the link, it’s a blog by a Mom named Tammy, who blogs about her son Parker. Parker is just two years old and has a lot of health issues that keep him home ‘bound’ and in need of a lot of medical support. Tammy’s most current post has a link which will take you to Chewing the Fat. At this blog Dave asks us to remember a disabled boy who was basically beaten to death because he was too innocent to know how to defend himself. Based on this story, and I’m sure her own experiences, Tammy makes some great comments on how we can help those who are disabled. Please click over to her blog and read what she has to say, she makes some great points that we should all share with our families.

My post about the back hall? Er, that feels kinda silly right now. 

How can I write about my trivial stuff when the rest of the blog world is dealing with much bigger issues?

So, for today instead of reading my rant go and check out Tammy and Parker’s instead.

While you’re over there I’m just gonna sit right here and count my blessings.

When you’re ready for shallow again come on back here though, I’m sure I’ll have something trivial to rant about again tomorrow.

One thought on “Shallow Mama

  1. From both Parker and I: Thank You. Really. You’ve made my heart simply sing.
    Why this story didn’t rank over the saga of the Spears’ girls and those who are ‘too posh to push’ still blows me away.
    While we can’t change what Brent experienced, together we can work to honor his memory. And hopefully open up some eyes and hearts.
    *smooch* <—- That's from Parker. 🙂


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