Shower Power

Youngest daughter had a shower tonight and some how managed to not get a drop of water on her head.

Can someone please explain to me how this is done?

My sister was over for a visit and I told my seven year old that if she had a quick shower and put on clean pj’s, she could visit with her Auntie for a few minutes before bed.

Five minutes later I had a soaking wet child with dry hair in clean pajama’s sitting beside me.

Nope, she didn’t use a shower cap and beneath the pj’s she was dripping wet.

I suppose it was my fault as I didn’t specifically tell her that when she was in the shower she actually had to get washed.

It was a re-do.

I wonder if when she brushes her teeth she actually puts the brush in her mouth?


9 thoughts on “Shower Power

    Sorry. My oldest will do “silly” stuff like that. Granted, he hair will be dripping wet, yet unwashed, and uncombed so that she is just shy of having mats! It’s like a flip flop of what yours did.
    And don’t get me started on the teeth thing….ugh. When do we get to start cherishing our moments?


  2. I discovered one day this past summer that my middle son was shampooing his hair in the shower, but not using soap to wash up at. all. Huh?? He said he thought the water would just wash off the dirt. ICK! Sometimes things like this just defy the imagination!
    Hope your daughter had a nice birthday yesterday. My son finally got Guitar Hero III for the pc . . . so he was on the moon! God bless!


  3. Once when my son was only wet in the back of his head he told me he believes that the steam from a shower cleans him while he reads sitting on the edge of the tub. I meant to cook his dinner half way that night but forgot. Oy.


  4. Yeah.. I can relate… My nearly 5 year old was in the bathtub the other day for about 25 minutes. He came down with the same chocolate on his face and dry hair after he put back on his dirty clothes. Wha????


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