Houston, we have a teenager…

Today I have a teenager living with me.

Today my beloved oldest daughter turns thirteen.

Thirteen. A teenager. Oy.

There’s a small part of me that is in denial that I am old enough to have a thirteen year old child. I still try to tell everyone that I’m twenty-nine but since forty has come and gone for more then a year now, I may have to bump my lie age up a bit.

But if I had to have a teenager in my house, I would pick my J.

If I had to describe the perfect daughter to you, I would also describe my J.

J is funny and sensitive. She’s responsible, helpful, kind hearted and honest.

It’s sort of fun having a teenager daughter in the house. J gives me advice these days on how to dress and tells me before I go out if I look like a doofus. She does it nicely too. When I was getting dressed up over the holidays she was the first (okay, perhaps the only family member) who told me that I looked nice. I like this kinda stuff.

My girl is also growing taller then me. I always thought she’d be about my height, about 5’5". She’s already 5’4" and my shoes are too small for her. So much for my idea of stealing her funky footwear once in a while.

She is beautiful and getting more so everyday. Is it fair that my daughter is going to be prettier then I ever was?

I’m not sure what I did right in 1995, but the big guy up there was feeling kindly towards me when he sent me my baby girl. I am truly blessed.

Happy Birthday Jenna.

I love you.

8 thoughts on “Houston, we have a teenager…

  1. Happy Birthday, Jenna! And happy anniversary on the birth of Jenna, Leanne! You should get to celebrate, at least a little, right?
    BTW, it totally freaked me out to see in writing that someone born in 1995 is now a teenager. It’s a bit traumatizing, to say the least.


  2. Lucky lucky you! Jenna sounds like a lovely young lady indeed! Happy Birthday to her!
    My daughter turns 13 in 91 days. I’m 5’7″ and she is already a hair under 5’8″! *sigh*
    Have a wonderful day!


  3. Happy Birthday! ’95 must have been a good year because our dear daughter turns 13 this spring. It IS nice to have that comrade in the house, isn’t it? This is the year she grew taller than me, but we’re sharing shoes and I’m loving it.


  4. I remember the day you called to say Jenna had arrived – She was a beautiful baby and you’re right, she is a beautiful young lady today, inside and out… Kudos to you & Dave for raising such a nice person. My oldest will be 18 in a few months, he’s submitting college applications tomorrow…sigh….. why does the time go so fast?


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