J0399572 Today I waddled on the scale and discovered I am fat.

I am now fatter then I have ever been. Well, I was bigger when I was pregnant but then I wasn’t really fat, I was pregnant.

I went on-line and looked up my body mass index and it told me that I am now officially over weight. It didn’t matter how I messed with the numbers, it still worked out that I am over weight. Sigh.

I am not happy about this and so, for the first time in my forty some years, I have made a New Year’s resolution. I am going to try and lose some weight.

The simplest way for me to do this is to try and cut back on what I eat and the quickest way for me to cut calories is to just get rid of all the cookies in my house.

I like cookies. No, make that, I really really really like cookies.

I don’t want to stop eating cookies. I want to continue to relish each and every crumb. They make me fat but they also make me happy.

I need to get rid of some of this extra poundage though and I really do bake, buy and eat way too many cookies.

They must go.

I am very sad tonight.

I hate New Year’s resolutions.

13 thoughts on “Cookies.

  1. I am in the same boat. Although I do weigh less right now then I did a year ago, I’ve got a long way to go….
    Maybe we can all encourage each other. I’m less about losing weight and more about feeling better & eating better!


  2. I tried to start my “love weight/eat healthier/exercise” resolution before New Year’s and failed miserably. Two days into it now – and I have visions of double stuffed oreos in my head (all the Christmas cookies have been eaten). I have gone to the gym twice though, so that oughta count for something! Good luck!


  3. I remember someone mentioning they saw something along the lines of a ‘celebrity cookie diet’ or something. Personally, I think it is a farce, but who knows.
    I also started on my way to (hopefully) get smaller and healthier. Good luck! It sure is hard.


  4. Does eating the cookies with a diet drink make them cancel out? Or breaking them in half in hopes of the calories leaking out?
    I’m with you. I keep telling myself I need the cookies because the dark chocolate in the chips is really very heart-healthy…..


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