It’s January 1st….

The kids are running around upstairs when they should be in bed. I’m tired of yelling and threatening so I’m just gonna let them run for a while. It’s late, but heck we’re still all home tomorrow so they can sleep in.

I spent my day trying to pack away all the Christmas decorations I put out for the holidays. I have too many Christmas decorations. I’m still not done and I’ve lost the energy and the interest to do any more. Oh well, the tree is gone and that’s the most important thing. If it’s not, don’t tell me.

The kids want to go out tomorrow and spend all the gift cards they got from their relatives. Um, hello! I just found places for all the Christmas presents they did get and now they want to go out and get more stuff? Pleeeease. I think I’ll find time to take them out to the mall sometime around May, maybe June.

Dearest hubby and I started out the day trying to talk about money and what we want to ‘budget’ to do this year. This is not a conversation we should be having when the Christmas bills are still coming in.   

All in all, it’s a typical January 1st. I wonder if I’ll be budgeting and packing up Christmas decorations on every January 1st for the rest of my life?


The exciting life of the suburban Mom.

The Februrary blahs seem to be settling in a little early this year…

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