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Holiday Hangover

We had seventeen people over yesterday for Christmas dinner and it was lovely. Over the seven hours they were here I had one glass of wine.

Today I feel like I had twenty.

I slept in this morning, but I’m tired.

Today I have my annual holiday hangover. The holiday hangover occurs when I have had enough.

We’ve been out every night this week. Heck, I’ve either been out or had people in every night this month. I’ve gotten dressed up, made up and worn high heel shoes. I’ve baked, cooked and ordered in. I’ve cleaned the house, scrubbed the floors and stashed away toys. I’ve decorated, redecorated, and put up a tree. I’ve shopped, bought and wrapped. I’ve smiled, laughed and told witty stories. I’ve done just about everything I can think of to create great memories of Christmas 2007 and you know what?

I’m really really, REALLY done.

Now I just want it to all go away.

I don’t want to cook. I don’t want to be nice. I don’t want this Christmas stuff all over my house. I don’t want to put together any more Christmas toys and I don’t want to hear any more carols.

The Grinch has arrived.

Happy New Year everyone.

6 thoughts on “Holiday Hangover

  1. I feel the same way! We had 5 groups of people over for dinner over a period of 7 days, and I’m partied out. I told my husband that next year we’ll host ONE large dessert/appetizer Christmas party as opposed to all these smaller groups. Although, truthfully, I may be tired but I do love having my honme filled with guests! Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. God bless!


  2. The holidays are highly overrated. It really is nice when they are over. However, have you noticed the Valentines Day and St. Patricks Day decorations in the stores…yep, they never really end…sigh


  3. Hi Leanne, it’s me (WorksForMom), I just changed my profile name. I hope you and your fam had an awesome Christmas.
    Here here. I just posted the same thing. ENOUGH already – give us a break!


  4. Sounds like you need a vacation ! The holidays are totally over rated. You eat way too much, drink too much and generally grind yourself down. Wine, wine, wine…we have some for you.


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