Although it’s been said many times, many ways…

Happy Holidays!

 I thought in the spirit of the season I would post my kid's Christmas picture. I have no idea how to use TypePad to make it any bigger. Probably by the time I've figured it out I'll have taken it down though as I'm not sure how comfortable I am with my kids pictures on the 'net'. Weird of me, but true. (When I click on the picture on my PC it 'blows up', hopefully that'll work for you too).

Also, for those of you who want to know. I have three last minute things to do. Are you proud of me? I knew I couldn't be ready three days early. I have to buy two gifts today for people I wasn't expecting to see, but now I am and since I hear they have bought me/my k ids gifts I now feel the need to reciprocate.  I also need to get to the grocery store as I've decided that we need a few more munchies for the Christmas brunch here before we head over to my Brother's for Christmas dinner.

See! I wasn't really ready early. You can all like me again!

Have a wonderful holiday, spoil everyone silly and let's catch up on the 26th – Boxing/Shopping Day here in Canada. I know they'll be great deals in the stores, but I think my Visa is full up. Sigh.

Merry Christmas!

7 thoughts on “Although it’s been said many times, many ways…

  1. Your children are adorable! I understand about the feeling weird about posting pics on the web…I generally just show the back of their heads. sigh. Glad to hear that you are human and didn’t buy ‘extra gifts’ for just in case:~)


  2. I go back and forth on the photos thing. But since the whole reason I started was to share stories and pictures with family, I opted to just keep doing it. So far, so good, but I can totally see why it makes you nervous.
    Merry Christmas!


  3. Awww…nice pic, Leanne! And yes…it does “blow up big” when you click on it. Which is nice (unsettling for you – understandably) for those of us who know you.
    Hope you had a fun-filled Christmas 🙂
    This computer geek is on trying to get her new mac items to work properly. It is times like this that I realize I dislike computers (oh…sure…I require them to make a living…but let’s not get into the details…). At least they are of the apple variety (no Vista problems here). My new iPod touch won’t connect to the internet…and my new iMac keeps freezing in iTunes. What is up with that?
    I should pack it in, stop ignoring my children (who, by the way, are ignoring me for all their new gagets) and send them off to bed. Evan is finished crashing his truck into my leg and is begging for a third freezie. The rules were pretty relaxed for Christmas Day…tomorrow the screaming, crazed mother must return (…there were glimmers of her today but she did make a definite effort to take a holiday)!!
    Enjoy the rest of your holiday…see you at a GNO in 2008!


  4. Your kids are so cute! (The picture did get big when I clicked on it!) What a beautiful photo!
    I finished most things, but had some wrapping to do (the kind when NO child could be anywhere nearby) which didn’t happen until we got home late LATE last night.
    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!


  5. You have beautiful children! (I posted your Xmas letter & pics on the fridge)
    I too had that nagging feeling I had forgotten something… Hubby’s Aunt & Uncle showed up at noon on Christmas Day with hugs and kisses and best wishes and presents… I had completely forgotten they were coming…. I quickly changed the tag on one of my sister-in-law’s gifts (she’ll never know!)…
    Hope you all have a wonderful holiday!


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