I’m checkin’ it twice.

J0427802 I think I’m ready for Christmas.

This is bothering me because it’s only December 22nd. I think I’m ready which means that I’ve forgotten something.

The fact that I think I’ve got everything done almost three whole days before Christmas means that I’ve forgotten something really major.

I’ve done this before. A few years ago I actually had the audacity to brag about how I was ready for Christmas only to discover late on Christmas eve that we didn’t have a single diaper in the house. Not one. We searched the diaper bags, the stroller, everywhere. There was not a clean diaper to be found, and at the time I had two kids in diapers. I think we ended up going to the convenience store and spending fifty dollars on a twelve pack of them. And the darn things leaked.

I’ve gone through my lists. I’ve gotten all the groceries. The tree is up. The house is sparkly with decorations. The gifts are well on their way to being wrapped and that’s hubbies job anyway.

I can’t figure out what I haven’t done.

I’m betting on it being something big though. I just have no idea what that is.

I am in deep deep trouble.

5 thoughts on “I’m checkin’ it twice.

  1. You’re doing better than I am. I’m scheduled to make green bean casserole on Tuesday and I forgot to buy the green beans! That means I’ll be braving the grocery store tomorrow.
    Good luck! Maybe this is your year.


  2. I just realized tonight that I am completely ready, too. I even had time tonight to do a craft project I have wanted to do for a while. Something is definetly wrong…


  3. I’m pretty much ready too, which, of course, means there is something crucial I’ve forgotten. I seem to be getting sick too, so that is making my brain foggy…
    Good luck and don’t stress too much!!


  4. How crazy is it that all we ever want is to be done even a LITTLE bit early so we can have even a few minutes to relax and savor the holiday, only to have that nagging feeling that something crucial has been forgotten! I’m right there with you – we’ll all have to repost to see just what it is that we’ve all forgotten!


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