Oh, the weather outside is…

It snowed last night.

Actually it snowed all last night and all day today for a total of about ten inches of snow. We have lots and lots of the white stuff and it sounds like it might last until Christmas.

I stayed home today, finished my Christmas cards, did some baking and left darling husband and the kids to play in the snow and go sledding. They had fun and I enjoyed the quiet. It worked.

An interesting part of my day was watching the kids and hubby struggle to clear the driveway. They got the walkway shoveled, then flagged down a passing landscaping truck and paid him to clear the driveway. Wimps πŸ™‚

We didn’t get ‘packing’ snow so the kids didn’t make a snowman but my family did come in all rosy cheeked and worn out demanding hot chocolate after sledding. These are the days that childhood memories are made of and are one of the reasons I moved back to Canada.

I’m enjoying the white stuff tonight as I look out my window. The Christmas lights are all glowing through the snow and it’s truly beautiful. Magical.

I’ll let you know if this changes when I have to drive the kids to school tomorrow morning.  Magical may not be the word I’m using if the salters and snow-plows don’t get to my street soon.

We shall see. For tonight though, I’m going to pour a little more rum in  my eggnog and just pretend that the morning commute isn’t coming.

Denial is good.

Can I pour anyone else a cup?

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