Maestro after Midnight.

Before I went to bed last night I didn’t think to close the cover over the piano keys. Actually, I don’t even remember to lock the doors most nights, so closing up the piano didn’t even occur to me.

I’ll be doing it now though. I almost had a heart attack when our eight month old kitten decided to take a stroll across the piano keys at 3 am this morning.

Holy Begoly, the sounds a piano can make!

Holy Begoly, did it EVER scare the heck out of me. I shot right out of the bed.

Funniest thing?

The rest of the family slept right through it.

It makes me think that if someone snuck in to murder me in my bed that they’d sleep through my screams too.

I’m sleeping with one eye open from here on in.

8 thoughts on “Maestro after Midnight.

  1. Our cats like to knock toys over in the middle of the night. Apparently I’m the only one that wants to strangle Dora when she starts singing about going around the world, because no one else even knows that it happens. How is that anyway?


  2. That sounds about right. When you want you kids up and out of bed like for school or if you are getting murdered in your bed they are “soooo tired” and don’t wake up but Saturday or Sunday morning comes around and they are up at the crack of dawn watching TV or playing video games.


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