Shop ’til you drop

My life seems to revolve around shopping these days.

What’s up with this?

I met a girlfriend for lunch yesterday, we had a quick bite and then we chatted as we strolled around Toys R Us.

I was going out last night with two friends I haven’t seen in ages, we met at the mall then jumped into one car and headed off for drinks and dinner. We did however do a few errands before we left the stores.

Today I met dearest hubby at the MALL for lunch, then we went to a few stores to look at Christmas gifts for the kids. Now, this is the strangest of all because dearest hubby HATES to shop.

I like to shop, yes. I don’t LIVE to shop though. I like to do lots of other things too.

I know it’s Christmas but I think things are getting weird. I need to start going other places and doing other things. Christmas shouldn’t be all about the mass consumption of stuff.

Things are out of hand.

Things have to change.

But first I’ve got to get all this Christmas shopping done.

Forty plus years old and I’m a mall rat. This’ll look really swell on my resume.

4 thoughts on “Shop ’til you drop

  1. I don’t particularly like shopping this time of year, and I’m fanatical about avoiding the following places: Wal Mart, the mall, Wal Mart, Best Buy, and (did I mention) Wal Mart! God bless!


  2. I so feel your shopping pain!
    The only time I can go without either child is in a 2.5 hour window 3 mornings a week… our mall is 45 minutes just to drive there (oi!)… I like shopping, mostly, definitely don’t “live” to shop, but walking around the mall is nice in the winter (or the sweltering summer).
    Good luck for the last, what?, two weeks? I’ve got to run to the store!


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