Busy, busy, busy….

I’m too busy to blog. It’s Christmas!

I’m shopping,

I’m baking.

I’m putting up Christmas decorations.

Have you noticed that EVERY magazine you pick up these days has an article advertised on its cover about how to simplify Christmas, or how to have a stress free Christmas?

Tomorrow, I need to do my Christmas cards and finish putting up my outdoor decorations.

I don’t have enough stocking stuffers for my son either so I’d love to hit the mall.

We got the tree today and put it in the stand, but we still need to decorate it.

Hmmm, I’m behind on the laundry and we need groceries too.

I wonder what all those magazine articles actually say? Stress free? Simple?

I’m thinking – no.

But really, who has the time to actually read them to check?

12 thoughts on “Busy, busy, busy….

  1. I finally got all my Christmas cards done today and tomorrow I am putting up a second tree (because Alexis keeps begging me) and then I’m wrapping presents. My week is full of Christmas stuff too – it is crazy. Hope to see you around some – take care. Kellan


  2. I meant to boycott this year… but then got swept up in it all again. Oh well. My kids better get me a good nursing home when I’m old; I deserve it. (In fact, I’d go now…)


  3. Hey there, franticmama! From reading your comments this week it looks like help is soon available. Kellan is done their cards, put up the second tree and is onto wrapping gifts. Looks like they can help you out soon! LOLOL! Thanks Kellan for making me feel totally behind!


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