Spending all the way….

Dearest hubby and I just had our annual ‘you’re spending too much on Christmas’ conversation.

I hate this conversation.

Christmas ‘shopping’ at our house goes like this. We talk about what we want to buy. I go do the shopping. He complains about what I spend. After fifteen years of it, it’s sort of predictable.

I think I need to push dearest hubby out into the big bad land of shopping malls and Toys R Us and let him see what things cost.


Visa bills.

Bah Humbug.

13 thoughts on “Spending all the way….

  1. Happened across your site while joking with a friend that we never get any sleep . . . and here you are 🙂
    What a great post . . . so true!


  2. That is the most ridiculous conversation of all time. I have it every year, too. We go through and decide how much we are spending on each person/what to get them, I go buy the gifts, and he throws a fit that I spent too much.


  3. I’m with you, except my husband doesn’t see the need for Christmas gifts AT ALL. Yesterday I picked up three things that cost $1 each at WalMart and I got an earful.


  4. Amen, sister! I just spent $150 at Amazon and got almost everyone’s presents (’tis the year for lean) and Mike asked me this afternoon what happened to the GC balance at Amazon.
    Um, I spent it?
    On what? I thought we had some left?
    HELLO?! Shipping?!
    Oh yeah…
    Men. Mine does the same thing about groceries.


  5. Our conversations are similar: we discuss, EXACTLY AND IN DETAIL, WHAT we’re giving the kids for Christmas. Then, Christmas morning, my husband whispers to me thay I bought them too many things. Hello!! ?? Does he not remember the conversation WE had?


  6. Ha! My husband doesn’t mind how much I spend. He criticises what I buy! And he doesn’t want to do the shopping and says “I leave it to you.” After I have done the buying, he starts saying “Why on earth did you buy that??” *sigh*


  7. Sung to Jingle Bells…
    Visa Bills, visa bills
    Visa all the way
    Oh what fun it is to shop with Mastercard today
    Visa bills visa bills
    Visa all the way
    Its not fun when the bills come and then we have to pay !


  8. I hate that conversation!! I always spend to much but then he goes and spends a crapload of money and it is okay cuz it was a “really good deal” or “it was the last one in the store”. Those excuses never work when I use them?!


  9. So true! My husband does the same (except we’re a credit-card-free family, so I save all year for it…but I still get the grief). But he has five siblings…what does he expect?! LOL!


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