The joke’s on me.

The kids and I were having dinner tonight and the conversation turned to jokes. Everyday at their school’s assembly someone has to stand up and tell a joke. Next week is youngest daughter’s turn so she was ‘trying out’ her jokes on us.

She asked us which one we liked better.

Q. What does Santa really want for Christmas?
A. A Sleigh-Station.


Q. Who is Santa’s most famous elf?
A. Elf-is Presley.

Tough choice.

Then eldest daughter jumped in.

Q. What is 102 stories high and green?
A. The Empire State Pickle.


‘Where on earth did you get that one?’ I asked.

‘There’s a really really old joke book in our class library,’ she replied. ‘When ever one of the guys gets bored they read out some jokes.’

Oh. So, stupid me has to ask her how old the book is.

‘Oh,’ she replies, ‘really really old – 1991 I think.’


Wow, that is old. I think the dinosaurs were still even roaming the earth back then.

Bet you didn’t know I was a cave woman.

13 thoughts on “The joke’s on me.

  1. waaayyyy back in 1991..ugh. I just noticed the other day that the songs they were playing on the “flashback” were from AFTER i graduated high school…ugh…


  2. I can remember when I wore the fact that I was born in the seventies like a badge of honor. I really WAS a spring chicken! Those days are over. I’ve been deteriorating steadily for about 11 years now.


  3. Why does Santa say, “Ho! Ho! Ho!”?
    Because he knows where all the naughty girls live.
    From Prairie Home Companion, 2 years ago. I was laughing so hard, I almost had to pull the car over to the side of the road.
    But maybe that wouldn’t be appropriate for a school assembly.


  4. Please share this one…
    Why did Tigger have to take a bath??
    Because he’d been playing with Pooh.
    I laugh HYSTERICALLY whenever I even think of that one.
    p.s. – thanks for stoppin in!


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