Supper Time!

We went out to eat tonight. Not a big deal, we just went to the local chicken place, but you know what? It was nice. The people there made the food, brought it to the table, and when we were done eating I got up and walked away from the mess.

It was a lovely thing.

I’m not a cook. Can I cook? Sort of. My family eats three meals every day – they get well thought out and nutritious meals too. I am not however one of those Moms who spends hours pouring over cookbooks, I don’t equate feeding my family with loving them. I prepare meals because I have to. It’s a chore like making the bed or sweeping the floor. It’s better then cleaning the toilets but to me cooking is still a chore.

Here’s the drill: I decide what we will eat, go to the grocery store, buy the food, haul it home, and then I put the food away. When it’s time for a meal, I get the food out, prepare the meal, set the table, serve the food and then I listen to at least one person in my family COMPLAIN about what I’ve made. After the meal is finished I then clean up the food and the kitchen, start the dishwasher and put everything away. A few hours later I do it all again. 

And you know what? I’m tired of it. I don’t want to do it any more.

Do I have a better idea? Not really.

But after about thirteen years of sorting out what this family will eat all the time I just wish someone else would worry about it for a change.

Maybe I’ll just take a day or two off. We all need to lose a little weight anyway. Besides, if they don’t have anything to eat at least my family will have something LEGITIMATE to complain about at dinner time tomorrow.

10 thoughts on “Supper Time!

  1. I can completely relate! Add to the mix when no one can make it to a meal at one time (like dinner). Hubby’s late or one kid has sports practice or something.
    Maybe we should form a union and strike? Well, maybe not, but still….
    Have a great week!


  2. Ohh, yes, is THAT familiar! Unfortunately we’re now at the point where they hate the old reliables, and I’m drawing a complete blank in new dinner ideas they might both tolerate. Tonight, for instance, I’m writing this instead of making a dinner I have no ideas for….


  3. Don’t give up! There is hope! My 17 year old didn’t want the Moroccan Chicken & coucous I was serving tonight… he had a ham sandwich which he had to make himself… then he decided to “try” a bit of the main course … said “it wasn’t so bad” and served himself a heaping plate …


  4. Check out Just add Heat corner of Cornwall and Ford. Not all they have is good but most is. Its as they say just add heat. I went to the eye doctor this afternoon. Couldn’t read a thing coming home ( a dialation thing) and did dinner. Turn oven on, place in oven, cook, serve ! No left overs.


  5. I dislike cooking too. It’s one big chore to me. So, we eat out or order take aways pretty often. Can’t do that everyday though. I do have a toddler and it makes me kind of guilty if I don’t cook wholesome meals for him at least a few days a week.


  6. Super Suppers and Dream Dinners are good solutions but they’re not cheap. I like to cook but I do not like to clean up or listen to my son complain about every single thing I make. It’s a thankless job. Strike anyone? šŸ™‚


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