Up on the house top….

Dearest Hubby decided to climb up on the house roof this last Sunday and string up some Christmas lights. He tells everyone that he does this for me because he hates Christmas lights.

When they hear this most people look at the front of our VERY tall two storey house and then look at me for a long minute before they ask me if I have insurance.

Well yes, I do. I think. But not enough. I need Hubby around for a few more years and I’m happy to say that after almost fifteen years of marriage and despite some really annoying habits I would like him to be around for at least fifteen more. And yes, it actually is his birthday today.

But back to the house. Dearest Hubby climbed up this long ladder and onto the roof in his completely tread-less leather shoes and proceeded with one of the kids little plastic snow shovels to chip away at the excess ice on the roof so that he could climb up on it, reach over the eves and hook on the lights. 

At this point our neighbor from across the street came over and helped him from the ground. I went inside.

It is at times like this that I wonder if we should become one of those families who simply leave their lights up all year round. Maybe it’s not all that classy, but jeepers – it’s got to be a lot safer.

So, Happy Birthday Dave. I love you and I love the lights but when you go up on the roof again this weekend can you do it when I’m not home? I can’t handle the stress – or the neighbor’s questions.

10 thoughts on “Up on the house top….

  1. It’s official: You and I can be friends. A few Christmas lights is all it takes to win me over.
    My husband hates all the decorating that I do and yet, he is the one that puts them up on the roof of our three-story house. He refuses to let me climb the ladder. I don’t know if it’s love or utter and complete distrust.
    Happy Birthday, Mr. Leanne!


  2. Happy Birthday brave Mr. Leanne!
    My husband did the same thing a few years ago, fell off and cracked his ankle. We haven’t done the roof since!
    You’re so right, I can now see why some people leave them up year-round. The visual of that made me nervous! Oh the holiday joys!


  3. Now I understand why our neighbour put his lights up at Thanksgiving (October)…
    Happy Birthday Mr. Leanne! (Hey, can I call him that when we see you guys at Christmas?)


  4. Not sure how to read this…neighbours questions…Happy Birthday Mr. Leanne got at least one glass of vino waiting for you. Want to finish the lights next weekend ??? I have an angle on a crane..


  5. We finally just hired my hubby’s little brother to do it!! So worth the money. My hubby has a serious fear of heights so I am glad he is no longer climbing onto an icy roof.
    Happy Birthday Leanne’s husband


  6. Happy Birthday, Leanne’s hubby. And do take extra care whenever you have to go up the roof to put up those lights!
    By the way, I have an award for you at my blog. You can check it out when you have the time.


  7. Good luck with your lights, I decided this year to just decorate from the ground. Totally proud of myself though, I made my own door decroation- granted my mom collected all the tree branches and berries and such, but I physically put it together, that counts right?! Found your blog through someone else’s- it’s very cute, I’ll be back!


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