Say Cheese!

It’s getting close to Christmas which means it’s time for the annual family Christmas photo.

I’ve booked the kids for 4 pm today at the local department store’s photo studio.

I started off trying to get a family photo done of the five of us with a professional photographer who would come to the house. But no matter when I booked it for, someone couldn’t make it. I then decided that what I really need for Christmas is just a picture of the kids. I can do one that includes Dave and me next February when things aren’t so busy. So that’s today’s plan.

I used to call the day that I got the annual Christmas photo taken; "The day from hell". It used to be almost impossible to get all the kids dressed in matching clothes, in good spirits, healthy and feeling co-operative at the same time. I used to always come out of the photo sessions completely stressed and ready to kill just about everyone.

I’m glad to say that this year I think we’ll be okay. The kids are older, they are resigned (I think) that this is going to happen and I’ve got dark red and black outfits for everyone. It should be good.

It should be happy.

Mind you eldest daughter informed me this morning that she won’t smile if she has to show her braces.

That should just make the picture more interesting….right?


Cross your fingers for me. 

12 thoughts on “Say Cheese!

  1. Oooh, picture day. Good luck with that. Some years we get lucky and others we have pictures of our real kids. You know, the ones with the rabbit ears, the scowl, the huge bruise on the nose…


  2. Oh that’s good. Hope the shot turned out great. For the record, I was your daughter when I was a teen. I didn’t want to show my metal mouth either. But someday, she’ll look back and REALLY get a chuckle out of it!


  3. Hope they did well. I need to get that done too. I’m dreading it though, with 6 kids just seems like more work than it’s worth. Maybe we’ll just do a casual picture at home.


  4. I like to include the dogs in our Christmas photo, but I don’t know if I’m up for the drama this year. One dog is easy, but the Bulldog is worse than a Toddler. What to do, what to do . . .
    I hope your photos turn out great!


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