I seem to have given birth some time during the last year and not noticed.

This new addition to the family even has a name. He/She seems to be called; "Not-me". It’s not a name I would have picked but my children seem really fond of their new sibling.

This new kid gets around too.

Who left the dirty dishes on the table? "Not-me".

Who left the tap running in the bathroom? "Not-me".

Who tipped over the garbage can and split stuff all over my nice clean floor? Yep, "Not-me".

My husband has even gotten in on the act; I asked him who had left the toilet seat up in our master bathroom. This is the bathroom that the kids are NOT allowed to use. Yep, once again it was that pesky "Not-me".

I gotta find this new kid.

And then I’m gonna shoot him.

11 thoughts on “Not-Me

  1. That kid gets around! He/she’s been known to spend a lot of time at my house over the years! Wait til you meet his friends “Wasn’t-me, Idunno and Somebody”


  2. Family Circus has the “Not Me”
    and this also reminded me of books from my childhood Richary Scary and Pig Will/Pig Won’t
    We have a not me here, and a wasn’t me, invisible children I don’t remember having either.


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