Home Sweet Home

Does anyone else buy or borrow home decorating magazines? I do.

I ooh and I ahhh over the nice layouts and the fancy furniture. The beautifully matched curtains, the faux painted walls and the hardwood floors with expensive area rugs all make my heart beat a little faster. I dream about what my house could look like.

Now I have lived in a lot of houses over the years, and some of them have been very nice. I’ve painted and decorated and tried to pull a ‘room together’ to resemble those that I see in the magazines. In my house however no matter how hard I try something always gets in the way.

When my kids were little I used to joke that I decorated in Fisher Price and Little Tykes primary colors. I had toys every where and while I like to think I had a fun and funky child friendly look going, I think what I really had was just one big mess.

The house we’re living in right now has sticky kitchen floors, unwashed windows, finger print smudged walls, and books, papers and kid crap strewn EVERYWHERE. I live in a junk filled dump.

This morning I was looking through some home magazines in preparation for a house renovation we will begin in the spring. I was dreaming of the shiny wood floors, the new kitchen with shiny appliances and the lovely stone fireplace we will add.

I’m wondering if I can call the magazine people and have them come in the minute the renovation is done and take a few pictures. I don’t expect them to publish what we’ve created in a magazine but I would like a copy so I can remember the dream that I will have for oh, maybe half a day? Then my family will actually LIVE in the new space and it will become a junk filled dump again.

Which I guess means this time next year I’ll still be buying magazines.


8 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. I LOVE those magazines. I have tons that I drool over all the time. They were great inspiration when we built our new home.
    But it doesn’t last. We have kids. My MIL ever-so-politely told guests over the weekend that she wishes she were more like me when she was my age. You know, realize that housekeeping wasn’t important.


  2. I could spend hours pouring over home decor magazines trying to pick out what I want to try next. For about 10 minutes a few times a year, my house actually looks like a picture out of one of the magazines. But then the dogs, husband, and baby come barrelling through and my moment is over. And that is why I only clean a few times a year.


  3. Too funny, I always tell myself someday my house will look like a magazine but then I realize how really lonely I will be when that day comes =)
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I will be back to read more.


  4. I know how you feel. I’m always finding a dried up spill of some sort of juice or soda on the kitchen floor that someone didn’t quite get all cleaned up. Or run my hand over the surface of a table or wall or chair and feel stuff that should not be there (goopy stuff). It will be nice to have everything new! Take care.


  5. I do LOVE those magazines!! I have tried to make my home look like the pretty pictures as well. I failed.
    My best friend is almost through with school and is getting a degree in interior design and I can’t wait!!! Maybe I will have better luck if someone else decorates my home!


  6. I feel your pain. I currently have two toddlers and have kind of given up. I buy Magic Erasers by the truckload. It’s insane.
    Don’t even get me started on magazines. We could be here all night!
    Thank you for stopping by. I’ll be back.


  7. Those magazines are a little bit like anorexic women looking at Vogue, aren’t they … it’s a sort of dwelling-dysmorphia, where your perfectly nice home, becomes in your eyes, bloated and ugly, in comparison with all those picture perfect ones.
    I love them too though, although I try to stay away …


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