All I want for Christmas…

J0422554 My kids wrote their letters to Santa tonight. We’re going to our town’s Santa Claus parade tomorrow and they will deliver their letters to Santa’s elves as these special helpers accompany Santa along the parade route.

I like getting these letters to Santa early, this gives him plenty of time to get a start on his gift making. The kids all understand that once they hand these letters to the elves that’s it! No changing their mind. Santa is much too busy for that.

All this gift demanding got me thinking about what I want for Christmas this year. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

1. A dish washer that empties and reloads itself.

2. A clothes dryers that spits the clothes out folded.

3. A self cleaning kitchen floor.

4. Lights that automatically switch off when a family member leaves the room.

5. A closet that picks up everything off the bottom of it and hangs it up.

6. A few more hours in a day that I can use to sleep.

Oh, and peace on earth and good will towards all mankind would be nice too.

Please feel free to add your own wishes to the comments section. I’m curious to see what everyone else is hoping for. 

Ho Ho Ho

11 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas…

  1. I already have #4! Well, okay, only in the bathroom. We installed a motion sensor switch in there because our littlest one couldn’t reach it (even with a step stool) because of its inane placement….
    Now I need them everywhere else in the house….
    Other than that, a completely self-cleaning house and trash cans that fill themselves, hobble out to the curb, and hobble back to the barn when emptied would be nice.


  2. OK, I want everything on your list. Add to it a dog I can borrow on a moment’s notice to eat all the dropped food under the kitchen table (and next to the couch), and someone to clean the litterboxes for me because as much as I love my cats, I hate cleaning the litterbox.


  3. I want everything on your list plus: a machine that picks up all of the socks, that the kids leave on the floor and shoots them to their drawers already cleaned, a refridgerator and pantry that automatically refill with needed items, a stove/oven that prepares and cooks all meals to perfection.


  4. I like the dryer that spits out clothes already folded, but how about the luxury model that puts them away, too??!!
    Or, how about a toilet for the boys’ bathroom that cleans itself?


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