My knickers are in a knot.

Darling son can be quiet at times. Not when he’s at home, but when he’s put in a new situation or in front of strangers he can get down right silent. In the past his teachers have described him as quiet and shy. I’m okay with that.

At the school he’s now attending they do a musical production every year and this year I encouraged him to join in. It’s very well organized and I thought he might benefit from the experience of being on stage. A few of his buddies have also been pushed to participate, and so far they all seem to be having fun.

The musical they are doing is Cinderella, darling son is part of the chorus and today I got a list of the costume pieces he will need. For the ballroom scene he needs black pants, a black bow-tie and a white shirt. Fair enough.

For the opening scene he needs a white peasant shirt and earth tone knickers.


Now you have to realize I just moved back to Canada after spending the last two years living in the UK. In the UK knickers are underwear.

Surely they’re not going to put my ten year old son on stage in a peasant shirt and underwear?

That would be cruel!

That would be mean!

That would be….hilarious.

Hee. Hee. Hee.

I need to get out more. 

6 thoughts on “My knickers are in a knot.

  1. You’re sort of stuck between a rock and a hard place there. If you take “knickers” to mean underwear, he’s in for public embarassement. If you take it to mean short pants, you’re in for a very, very difficult search and destroy mission. Where the heck would you find a pair of knickers? 1910?


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