The Best Medicine

On Thursday night I went out with some girls that I have known since University. We were all in residence together and while I’m still very close to a few of the girls I saw that night, some of them I haven’t seen for quite a while.

We are all in very different places in our lives – some of us got married, some of us didn’t, some of us had kids, some of us didn’t, some of us work outside of the home and some of us are stay-at-home Mom’s. There were six of us there, two couldn’t make it, and between us we have all chosen different ways to live our lives.

The thing we did most Thursday night?

We laughed.

We didn’t reminisce a lot, we simply laughed about what has happened to us since we all left the confines of academia life. We laughed about our kids, and we laughed at what each other said. We laughed about how fast time is going, we laughed about how old we’re getting, and we laughed about, well we laughed about everything.

We all had only one drink as we were all driving, and everyone had to get up early on Friday and deal with their lives, so I can’t blame the alcohol.

But boy were we funny. The topics were funny. The stupid little inside jokes that we started that night were funny. Just about any topic that came up was just plain funny.

I graduated University with these ladies almost twenty years ago.

We didn’t get older, we got funnier.

And that in the end was the funniest thing of all.

8 thoughts on “The Best Medicine

  1. Sounds like a great time! There is nothing quite like friends “who knew you when…” is there? Thanks for coming by my blog – I’ve been meaning to get over here for a while! It’s a great, fun blog!


  2. As one of the 2 that was missing, now I really wish I was there.Glad you all had fun… I’ll be sure NOT to miss the next GNO! The kids will have to stay home from their extra curriculars so Mom can have one for a change…


  3. Certainly is a sign of the times that a GNO results
    in a Blog entry the following day. Not only are
    we aging well (getting funnier…better looking…and
    so on) we are staying hip and in tune with the
    times! Our children should be so proud of us.
    It was good to see everyone. Let’s hope it doesn’t
    take us as long to set up the next one.


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